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A Guide to Augmented Reality and How it Works

We all have heard about Augmented Reality but what exactly the AR (Augmented Reality) is? Augmented Reality is a technology that combines real-world images and scenarios with the virtual world or computer-based scenarios to display enhanced and rich audiovisual experience to people.  Augmented Reality companies have become very popular in the last few years because of offering wonderful results in video production.

Types of AR – There are different types of Augmented Reality that are available which includes Marker-based AR, Marker-less AR, Superimposition-based AR, and Projection-based AR.

How Different AR Types Works – Marker-based AR has the capability to scan the QR code, marker signs to other special signs and converts it into a nice 3D model. Marker-less AR, on the other hand, scans GPS, gyroscope, compass, accelerometer, and others. and produces things like map, directions, business marketing pop-ups, and many more.

Projection-based AR can project synthetic light and physical surfaces and is mostly used in industries, manufacturers and suppliers around the world. Lastly, the Superimposition-based AR scans a view and replaces the original view with an enhanced augmented view.

There are different devices that support Augmented Reality including Smartphones & Tablets, VRD (Virtual Retinal Displays), AR Glasses, AR contact Lenses, etc. AR is being used extensively in many different industries and became an essential part of many industry’s marketing strategies.

The Basics of an Augmented Reality Kit – What You Need to Know

Augmented reality development is the creation of a digital reality which is then integrated into real-time environments. For the layperson; literal manufacture of furniture to place in a home explains augmented reality in a simpler way.

The furniture, in this case, can be likened to augmented reality imagery which is then integrated into what we see around us. Just as tools are required to make furniture; tools are required for augmented reality development. A carpenter has his or her toolkit to make furniture, and an augmented reality developer has his or her augmented reality kit.

The Augmented Reality Development Kit

The AR SDK or augmented reality development kit is a combination of software used to develop an augmented reality experience. These kits are of varying kinds and have varying functions and capabilities. Yet, the objective is the same; to create seamless augmented reality experiences. (more…)