If you love watching or reading stories, the episode game is perfect for you. Have you ever wondered what is your favorite character in a story or do you know where the goes in future? All these can be determined in the game “Episode-choose your story”.

This game allows you to choose what will happen next. The game requires certain currencies known as gems and passes in order to proceed faster. If you don’t have enough gems or passes, you will have to wait in order to continue.

The gems and passes can be purchased with real money. However, there are several ways by which you can achieve them for free. One of the easiest ways to generate episode free gems is to wait, as gems are generated every day simply.

Another way would be to use cheats and hacks to get the passes and gems without even waiting. For More Information About episode free gems, Please Check Provided Link.

There are hacking tools available for every game; episode can’t be an exception to it. You can generate an unlimited number of free gems and passes with the help of these tools; however, you need to choose wisely as all of these tools are not reliable. It would help if you chose a tool which is safe, secured, and could protect your privacy.