Most of the people buy beauty products because they get influenced by the advertisement content they see online or in the newspaper or on TV. If you are one among them then you are putting your life at risk. Remember, buying a cosmetic product without doing any research can be dangerous for health.

There are so many sellers on the market who are indulged in selling beauty products containing toxic ingredients. All you have to do is check which brands on the market are famous for chemical-free beauty products to prevent unnecessary problems in the future.

When we speak about beauty products the first thing which comes into our mind is nail polish. There are many people who don’t know that even nail polish contain toxic ingredients.

The skin around your nails is actually highly absorbent and sensitive. Hence, you have to choose a nail polish, which is mild and chemical free. If you are wondering which type of nail polish you should choose then here are some tips. The five-free nail polishes are very safe to use.

What are five-free nail polishes?

Five-free here indicates that the nail polish is free of the 5 most toxic ingredients. Hence, it is better to choose five-free nail polishes always to keep your health safe. Here is the list of those 5 toxic ingredients, which you should know.


Dibutyl Phthalate



Formaldehyde Resin

People with celiac disease could choose the gluten-free nail polishes to stay safe and avoid unnecessary side-effects. Find out the best gluten free nail polish brands on the market and make your purchase. Check the reviews of different brands online to know which one is best.

Do try the gluten-free nail polishes to stay safe and beautiful!