Many people in Australia identify 1300 numbers Sydney as the contact numbers that the companies use that help callers to not pay the usual cost of the call. These numbers are utilized by business owners to attract customers. When they see the 1300 number in the beginning, they know that they will be paying lower costs. So, they will go ahead and dial the digits. Businesses make use of these numbers for their benefit.

When there is 1300 at the beginning of any phone number, it may be called as a toll-free number, but that doesn’t mean that all the charges are paid by the receiver. If you dial this number, the local call rate is charged to you, which is not very high. It will much lower than the traditional landline call charges.

This system works just like the internet DNS system. You don’t have to get another phone or apply for a new line. When you dial the number, the number is found by the system and routed, although the device is receiving the calls. These numbers are very popular among customer support departments of companies and call center companies.


Another benefit of getting these numbers is that they can maintain the privacy of phone communications. Even private people can make use of these numbers, but that comes with some cost. Owners and entrepreneurs of small business find it beneficial. But they must remember that subscribing to these numbers will cost them more. If you have a 1300 number, you will be paying for an incoming call but that is not bad at all when you consider the fact that the caller may still pay a fee of a local call. Another best thing about these numbers is that they do allow a free twenty-minute window for calls from landlines.